A Health Conscious Approach to Hair Coloring & Beauty.

We have a lineup of carefully curated, high quality products to support your hair needs. After years of research, Mauricio selected the best all-natural organic products that are not only nutritious and safe for the body but equally effective as well.

Our approach is ideal for those who have become conscious of the health implications and secondary long-term effects caused when ammonia and other chemicals are used. We are also the best alternative for those with skin-related problems, allergies and pregnant women.  


In the Press

Mauricio's Hair has been featured in numerous publications and media for it's innovative and health conscious approach to hair color and care. 

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When you’re in a salon that uses toxic chemicals, your senses react immediately to the harsh aromas in the air. When you visit Mauricio Hair, you’ll breathe in the difference as soon as you enter our studio. Most salons use hair products with harsh chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfates and high concentrations of PPD’s that can cause allergies, skin irritations, pain and extensive damage to your hair during the coloring process. We never use products that compromise your health or our shared environment!