Prior to every appointment, we analyze your hair from the inside out.

Before any color or cut we detoxify your hair, and treat it with the right proteins and moisture levels to restore elasticity and balance hair PH. We also provide all clients with a luxurious, plant-based, organic home regimen to continue the hair healing and clean beauty process at home.

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Our number one rule in our hair salon is to ensure that all the organic beauty products we use are free of:

  • Ammonia (causes skin irritation and burning sensation in the eyes)

  • PPD’s (can trigger skin allergies) and

  • Resorcinols (can alter hormone function).

We want to give peace of mind to all of our guests, with special consideration given to pregnant guests, those who have sensitive immune systems due to chemotherapy or are in cancer recovery, and others by banning these ingredients in our hair salon, while still providing amazing, beautiful results. 

At Mauricio Hair Salon, soon to be the Clean Beauty Lab, we have a range of color services available that won’t require touching your skin, such as highlights, single process in foiling technique, baby-lights, and Balayage. Also, for those who love getting smoothing hair treatments, we have an organic keratin treatment that doesn’t produce fumes and is perfect for fine to medium hair clients, pregnancy safe, breastfeeding clients, and for children. The results can last up to 3 months or longer and leave your hair in an overall healthier condition, all of this with zero formaldehyde’s. This is just one of the reasons why we’re considered one of the top organic hair salons in NYC.

Clean Beauty Lab/Mauricio Hair Salon also offers unique and beautiful glaze options for all hair types and colors. Glazes help to add health and structure back into hair follicles and provides a truly polished and beautiful finish that rivals the work of other non-glazing hair salons.

If you’ve been looking for a fully organic hair salon in a serene and calming environment, Clean Beauty Lab by Mauricio Hair is for you. Here, you will find a fully organic hair salon that uses non toxic products that can cover your grey, give you brilliant shiny hair, give you rich long-lasting color, and brighten your blonde without damaging your hair, all in a beautiful friendly space with a great team that you can relate to.

Regardless of your hair type, color, or texture, Mauricio Hair Salon (soon to be Clean Beauty Lab) can make your hair its absolute best and most beautiful self.

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Mauricio Hair is an organic hair salon dedicated to providing the highest quality, non-toxic hair services in clean beauty. Our salon specializes in chemical-free, organic hair color treatments and highlights, precise customized haircuts, organic keratin treatments, as well as hair and makeup for weddings and events. Our clean beauty methods are perfect for pregnant women, immune compromised individuals, or anyone who values the quality and health of their hair and the products they use to care for it. That’s because we use pregnancy safe organic hair dyes and products, safe for mom, baby, and the hair stylist.

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