What Would a Redhead Do?

You’ve seen her walking down the street.  You can’t help but to look in her direction - that gorgeous red hair, the confidence and attitude that beckons you to stare. You secretly envy her and wonder if it’s even her real color.  You entertain your own red hair fantasies for a second and then dismiss the thought because you heard somewhere that red hair is not for everyone. Lovie, I’m here to tell you that this too is so untrue!!

It’s the season for change and we want to help you align your curiosity with the possibility by asking you “What would a redhead do?”

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Healthy Treats for Beautiful Hair

If you asked me what the number one question I’m asked about in my chair, it would be “How do I fix my dry/damaged hair?”

My answer: it’s a team effort! The best prescription is a combination of what your hair stylist accomplishes, what they prescribe for your home care regimen associated with your hair routines, and most importantly: your commitment to put in the work.

My top 5 tips to help the health of your hair:

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Embrace Your Natural Texture

What’s your hair texture? Yes, your own hair! 

Curly, wavy, kinky, Afro, semi-straight?! These are the conversations we’ve been having with our clients. Hair rules are so outdated, unruly hair is the trend, and it is here to stay!

Every decade in “hairstory” has embraced something really unique. The 1960’s were about rigid looks, the 70’s exploited the concept of the liberated woman, the 80’s were lit by rebels at heart, while the 90’s brought back sleeker looks. Blowouts and the “nice wave” were at the core of the early 2000’s. Today it’s all about natural textures!

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Clean Living, A How-To Guide

You prayed to the hair gods that you would find a salon that used non toxic haircare that would cover your grey, give you brilliant shiny hair, give you rich long-lasting color in a beautiful friendly space with a great team that you can relate to. And the gods answered by introducing you to Mauricio Hair Clean Beauty Salon. Yessss! 

Now that you’ve got that covered, you’re probably thinking about the other areas of your life that you can commit to cleaning up as well, right? 

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Clean Beauty Choices During Pregnancy

As a hairstylist with over 15 years experience, I know how important it is for you to feel good about yourself while you're expecting. It’s been my mission since I started Mauricio Hair Salon 8 years ago, to build a Clean Beauty Movement that would help pregnant women and ensure the salon was pregnancy safe. I hand-choose the best non-toxic products in the market that not only give outstanding results, but also don’t create any skin discomfort to my clients or produce any fumes.

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The Joy of Being Blonde

Everyone, natural or lightened, should experience the joy of being blonde at least once in their life. Many people aren’t aware that there are healthy ways to go blonde. Making your hair lighter can often be damaging, but there are healthy ways to lighten that will protect your hair for the long term. Using non-toxic hair dye and lightener is beneficial beyond just your hair, it is especially good for women who are pregnant or who don’t want chemicals on their hair near their young children.

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